Friday, June 6, 2008

State Board asks you about Core 24
a Meaningful High School diploma??
Who are they kidding?

Your Opinion is wanted by SBE....

Survey is being conducted by SBE it is LINKED HERE

The SBE and OSPI continue to demonstrate their distance from reality.

You can get more background information HERE


Anonymous said...

What Core 24 will do is put about 80% of the students into a basic skills track - this is something Washington does already. So I guess its official.

Bergeson should be resigning any day now. I wonder why the union is not responding to Core 24 - maybe they still can't grasp the fact that the curriculum for math and science is bogus.

When you adopt the Singapore standard, you are getting a curriculum, not a smoke screen of empty-headed words.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Math = Silver Bullet?

Anonymous said...

Its more than a show - the NCTM standards are just standards - my point is Singapore provides the curriculum to achieve its vision and nothing in the US curriculum comes close to achieving what Singapore does for kids - prepares them for engineering professions and college careers.

NCTM is a private organization. Singapore Ministry of Education is government. The NSF is a private organization and the grants are subsidizing the poor math programs.

Here's the result a third of students don't graduate. Of the 20%who get accepted to college, around half are not prepared for algebra. The cost of educating an American child is 10 fold the cost of educating the same child in Singapore only their payback is substantially more.

You are putting jobs in the curriculum industry ahead of the future US economy. As we grow into this recession, I think you will find the next generation of adults unable to adapt to the rapid social changes that will come as a result of inflation and recession.

If you find a curriculum that does better than Singapore at educating kids - wake me up. Parents and students love it and that's alot more than you can say about the 'exemplary!' curriculum.

Anonymous said...

Core plus sucks big time, ask a kid. Parents hate it and so do teachers. Why don't you listen?

Anonymous said...

Curriculum is more than content. And that is exactly what exemplary curriculum lacks (content).

It would help if the books were well-written, but they're not.

It would also help if their methodology made sense, and it doesn't.

When you buy an exemplary textbook? You are subsidizing the curriculum industry. Imagine buying an extra textbook for each year a child is enrolled in Everyday Math. How many textbooks does it take a child to get through first year algebra. With Singapore that child takes exactly one year and I can count on that child to know algebra.

Integrated curriculum doesn't make economic sense unless you are the publisher.

Stop subsidizing the curriculum industry.

Bergeson has to go ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a silver bullet, because its for your high track kids and all you have to do is put support programs in place to keep the low track kids enrolled in Singapore. You fill the achievement gap. Finally, it gives you a way of measuring school achievement ( by looking at the success of their support programs). You increase the enrollment of the high track without artificially putting low end kids into AP classes without support.

A low end kid in a high track without support is guaranteeing failure and worse the kid has to retake the class the failed.

The biggest obstacle to going to college is curriculum.