Sunday, June 15, 2008

Global Education

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Anonymous said...

This is a new angle on the core war movement - interesting that you have askey, fuson, and milgram on the globaleducationforyou 'for profit' team.

Here's a comment from syring that i found on a charlie rose blog regarding merit pay - advocates teacher tenure tied to performance.

"And right now in terms of New York City, there is three years for tenure, there are three years of evaluations and supervisors evaluate people pretty much two, three, four times a year IN TERMS OF GOING IN AND SEEING THEIR STUFF." One would be hard pressed to find "evaluating" that was less quantitative/benchmarked/transparent and therefore student/customer/parent/tax payer-friendly. It is profound relief and blessing that technology and globalization now bring in an age in which students/parents choose and public-funds-pay teachers for each individual subject, based on easily accessible student performance data and recommendations.

Also, you should see the editorial commentary Syring has regarding Obama's education policies (its a struggle to comprehend what he's saying so he hasn't been in the education business for very long.

His website really sucks! So I hope the curriculum is better - he's taken the Paul Allen approach to learning and will only take applications from the top 1% of sixth graders? What's the added motive for a Washington State flag? Wonka Math - Syring will enroll one Seattle student for free.

Erik Syring said...

Hi anonymous,

Global Education has been driving the sector restructuring since early 2007.

Globalizing technology _automatically_ leads to vouchers and to more individual teacher performance data becoming more accessible than it has been anywhere any time before.

Many of us are now waiting for Obama to publicly support The Education Equality Project's Principles.

Our _current_ math program is aimed at the top ~5% of students because it is designed to bring participants to the level of the top few percent of students in Eastern Europe/East Asia.

We are currently getting ready to start instruction for about 10,000 about-to-enter-Grade-6 students who receive their instruction in other subjects (they get all their math instruction through us) at about 5,000 local schools.

We welcome every input regarding making our web site more accessible.

Best regards,

Erik said...

100-200 would be a reasonable number of Seattle Grade 6 participants; we prefer to not admit students later than Grade 8, as then they'll have too much catching up to do to get to where we want them to be by the end of Grade ~11, and it will be hard for them to acquire the desired perspective on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the website (it might be software) - for one, the pages load too slowly. two, the tags overlap making it difficult for a person to load the correct page. three, the user is mystified as to where they are navigating too or how to return except by backing out. The flags I felt were misleading and confusing, so I imagined it was a simple template maybe, I wasn't sure (finding your biography was difficult), so I wondered maybe if the site was really legitimate. The pictures for your faculty were not as appealing and it was somewhat telling that the website was constructed hastily since it was said that faculty biographies would appear later. Finally, I'm not sure where students applied.

Also, there are many web sites with similiar names like and the principal location for the two being the same - Fremont.

I'm a skeptic, most of education reform doesn't work and the people most affected can't afford to get hurt.

Erik said...

Generally: It's a new age - a golden age for students. We predict that within 2-3 years 50% of American 11-18 year olds will receive instruction in at least one core subject by teachers who are not local - and very often not based in the US (the same will be the case in several European countries).

Flags: representing the countries in which we serve students/the countries to which particular articles pertain.

About faculty bios: many of our faculty members are of course _quite_ well known in mathematics and mathematics education circles ;-)

Student sign-up: Coming up within the next 24 hours - only right now are we beginning to sign up students individually (all our group organizing over the past months has been based on long-standing country/State relationships).