Monday, June 9, 2008

Meaningful High School Diploma -- says who?

Dear Kathe Taylor and Washington SBE members,

It once again looks like the SBE has little interest in getting first hand information from either math teachers or alternative high school teachers. I find it disturbing that none of the SBE members have the relevant academic background in mathematics, engineering, or computer science to be in a position to make informed decisions in regard to mathematics. It is equally disturbing that the SBE continues to align itself with Standards Based Math which has yet to produce anything even remotely resembling positive results in a typical classroom situation. If enough dollars are pumped into smaller Class sizes, increased planning time for teachers etc. and the evaluation instruments are selected with a reform bias then occasionally positive results maybe noted because of the expensive interventions.

Relevant Data on Achievement gap growth reveals that The reform Math Agenda has been an absolute disaster for low income, Black, and Hispanic students in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue as well as most other places.

The selections of Marci Groesbeck, Diana Tuck, and Scott Poirier to the MHSD advisory group in an attempt to be relevant with what is going on at the school level from the teachers vantage point certainly tells the SBE nothing about the current mathematics situation. Does the SBE actually wish to be this aloof from Washington K-12 mathematics?

The following three individuals are not informed as to the mathematics situation and yet the SBE feels comfortable proposing Algebra II for all as a graduation requirement.

Marci Groesbeck = Social studies teacher from West Valley in Spokane.

Diana Tuck = Retired former counselor.

From 2005 Summer Institute comes the following:

Personalizing High Schools – Scott Poirier, Rick Jennings, OSPI,
Bob McMullen, AWSP
The most recent research about high schools is suggesting we personalize practice and engage students in a standards-based approach.

There is NO research in Mathematics that indicates that what was suggested above by Mr. Poirier et al. produces improvement in mathematics skills, knowledge, understanding or general competence.

I believe the opposite can be shown to be true. Our nation's and our state's k-12 math education is in a downward spiral precisely because of ideas like those above. Standards Based Math reform has made the USA the laughing stock of International math comparisons.

I've included my rough drafts sent to Porsche Everson in regard to IMR criteria draft #2.


Danaher M. Dempsey, Jr.
Alternative High School Teacher
NCLB Highly Qualified in Math, Chem, and Science
BA Mathematics, M.Ed.


Anonymous said...

E. and W. Valley are on the endangered species list. They are about to be absorbed.

Anonymous said...

Groesbeck on another SBE committee
Is this anything to do with Core 24? Yes, it does. I get it.
June 8, 2008 - You might cross reference this roster with the IMR Panel.

Stacking the committees or cutting corners?

State Board of Education
Meaningful High School Diploma Study Committee

Advisors to the Subcommittee

Rod Duckworth
Director of Career & Tech. Education
Office of Supt. of Public Instruction

Kathy Everidge
Principal, Hudson’s Bay High School
Vancouver School District

Marc Frazer
Vice President, WA Roundtable

Marci Groesbeck
Teacher, West Valley High School
West Valley School District

Edward Judie
Asst. Principal, Clover Park High School
Clover Park School District

Sam Kim
Board Member, Battle Ground School Dist.

Kevin Laverty
Board Member, Mukilteo School Dist.

Mark Mansell
Superintendent, La Center School Dist.

John McGregor
Principal, Lind High School
Lind School District

Corrine McGuigan
Asst. Supt., Research & Educator Dev.
Office of Supt. Of Public Instruction

Bob McMullen
Director of High School Programs
Assn. of Washington School Principals

Dr. Bill Moore
Policy Associate
Assessment, Teaching & Learning
St Bd for Community & Technical Colleges

Juan Plata
Counselor, Eisenhower High School
Yakima School District

Wes Pruitt
Policy Analyst
Workforce Training Board

Ricardo Sanchez
Associate Director, P-16
Higher Education Coordinating Board

Anonymous said...

I understand now, I am confused - this thread is about Core 24.

You were writing that Groesbeck was on the MHSD Committee and so your criticism is that the committee did not have input from persons with grounding in mathematics.

dan dempsey said...

Edward Judie
Asst. Principal, Clover Park High School

is now in the district office at CPSD.