Friday, June 6, 2008

Let us continue to ignore data = Core 24

SBE and OSPI often fail to take reality into account.

There is a local economy that does not require this level of Core 24 "Education"

This supposedly meaningful diploma if enacted will force more students to fail...
State cannot even get kids to pass pathetic Math WASL NOW...
You can bet that the quality of these courses will decline as the State attempts to force 100% of the population through these courses under Core-24.

Lots of good classes were eliminated as we engaged in WASL remediation classes the last few years.

Having a meaningful diploma is easy.... just put it online with a link requiring the graduate's permission to view
1... Test scores
2... Attendance
3... Transcript

This can easily be done
and can be posted so that it can not be copied or forwarded to others.

Any student can do Core 24 right now all they need to do is sign-up for the classes.

If these SBE folks could find something useful to do .....
like fixing the current mess instead of creating a bigger one we would be much better off....


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Anonymous said...

I concur, this only creates a bigger mess, you have to fix the curriculum first.

The best plan for moving out of this morasse is amend the current standards by attaching a stipulation that the new standards include a curriculum that prepares students for college. I'm all in favor of Singapore. I don't see anything better and it simplifies the education process.