Monday, May 26, 2008

Wimping out on Standards

From the Thomas Fordham foundation


Anonymous said...

Every Student Loving Math – Really?
4C’s for Consideration
Competitiveness, Coherence, Communication, & Choices

(the four C's -
chaos, cloddish, crazy, @ confused)

North Carolina ASCD
53rd Annual Conference
February 8, 2008
Francis (Skip) Fennell, President
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Professor of Education
McDaniel College
Westminster, MD

Fennell likes to address the failings of the mythical back to basics movement (a fixation of the reform movement) - what the public wants are books that work for kids, like Singapore. We want kids to be able to think like problem solvers - they're being short-changed by the current leaders, who are getting paid a lot of money to say the things they do. Lets cut the BS and start thinking about educating kids, instead of pretending.

dan dempsey said...

You are correct we are buried in an avalanche of words. This avalanche is clearly intent on deception.

dan dempsey said...

Oh yes I forgot to add in regard to Skip Fennell --- check out the Barry Garelick report on EdNews.

It has to do with what Skip told Capitol Representatives vs what the NMAP report really says..

Once again it looks like all the information that can be totally distorted to serve the decision makers advantage.