Sunday, May 18, 2008

Testimony 5-21-2008 coming

Good Evening, I am Dan Dempsey. 5-21-2008

"The education profession has never been particularly interested in results, especially if they run counter to the prejudices of the profession,"
---Dr. Douglas Carnine

Director Martin-Morris, congratulations on your decision to focus on results and forego waiting on OSPI for Math guidance via the prejudices of the profession.

You may encounter significant problems in attempting to make decisions that can eventually produce positive math materials selections. The Seattle central staff still reference best practices in math. Remember there are none at this time. Differentiated Instruction is NOT a best practice.

Seattle’s selection of Everyday Math in a total collapse of rational process is just one example of the likelihood for failure if you choose to rely on Current Seattle Math decision makers. No one involved with recent math curricular decision-making processes should be acknowledged as a competent decision maker without a critical examination of their supposed qualifications. You will make better progress in achieving your goal by listening to more math teachers and fewer administrators; above all seek relevant data and apply it intelligently.

Dr Bergeson and OSPI are still derailing the process put in place by the legislature. The intent is to bring about better math for Washington Students. It seems clear that Dr Bergeson continues to guide us toward predetermined outcomes: like Connected Math, Core-Plus and Everyday Math.

Dr Bergeson’s selection of the Dana Center for six times the price of the low bidder was a clear vote for Everyday Math and Connected Math. OSPI's biased selection of the Standards Revision Team was a vote for Core-Plus.

Now after a covert selection process the Instructional Materials Review Criteria Panel has already had their first meeting, complete with no public notification and no observers. Math materials used in the districts represented by this hand picked OSPI criteria team and the contents of their first draft reveal this team of school administrators apparently prefers Connected Math and Core-Plus. There are no teachers on this team and no highly skilled math representatives from industry. To be selected to this criteria team knowledge of math was not a requirement..

Harium, help with successful execution of your plan will be needed.... But don't worry your plan will put Seattle in a much better position than where Dr Bergeson has Washington Math headed.

Thanks for your efforts.

You are correct Seattle does not need to waste another year with OSPI’s defective math thoughts.

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