Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Harium Martin-Morris steps up again

There is nothing more to say than read the link.

Harium is the real deal.

The effective new leadership that Director Sunquist campaigned on has arrived.

It has arrived in the person of Director Harium Martin-Morris.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo just published a story about a parent imprisoned in cincinatti because his daughter, a 19 yo. mother, could not pass the math portion of the GED. 6 months. And the father was earning a living for the family, now divided into two homes.

It is so cruel, what has this country turned into. I told you this government is no good and its leaders perceive poverty as a sin. They will treat the poor as criminals. West Indies Company were accused of creating a society of bastards in the 1700's. And this is another example of a right wing oligarch's negligence - this is far worse than apartheid - it is enslavement.

IMP does not get used in any IB program. IB has a set curriculum based on International Standards. An IMP-IB program, if it were true, would never meet the rigor that IB requires - this is an outright lie and has to be challenged. Another outrageous claim that can't be verified by 'constructivist reformers'.

Look at all the children who can't pass math and think of their children. This government will never find enough prisons for the next three generations of Americans. Its unbelievable and outrageous - this judge should be shown the math textbook and let him try to make sense of it. So far, stupidity prevails.

Anonymous said...

This is a link to Illinois math adoptions organized by school district. Very informative and I think we should encourage Washington to adopt a similiar plan. Keeping parents and teachers informed.

Anonymous said...