Monday, May 19, 2008

Capitol Hill to check out NMAP

Full House Committee on Education and Labor hearing
on "The National Mathematics Advisory Panel Report:
Foundations for Success,"

Scheduled at 10:00 a.m. on
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 in room 2175 Rayburn H.O.B.
Witnesses to be announced.

This hearing will be available via live webcast, which can be accessed by going to the Committee website:

There will be a link to the hearing the day of the hearing.

The House Education and Labor Committee will hold a hearing to examine a recent report released by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel on the state of math education and instruction in the United States. Among other things, the report found that the nation’s system for teaching math is “broken and must be fixed” if the U.S. wants to maintain its competitive edge.


Dr. Skip Fennell
National Mathematics Advisory Panel
Former President
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Westminster, Maryland

Dr. William Haver
Professor of Mathematics
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Virginia

Laura Slaver
Vice President
Achieve, Inc.
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Wanda T. Staggers
Master Teacher and Dean of
Manufacturing and Engineering
Academy of Engineering
and Biomedical Sciences
Anderson, South Carolina

Mary Ann Wolf
Executive Director
State Education Technology
Directors Association
Glen Burnie, Maryland


Anonymous said...


• President Bush denies critical services to 3.7 million disadvantaged children, breaking funding promises again and undermining efforts to close the achievement gap. President Bush’s budget will deny 3.7 million disadvantaged children critical assistance, such as extra help to become proficient in reading and math while at the same time increasing funds for a shortsighted private school voucher program. Bush shortchanges NCLB by $15 billion and provides half the amount that he and Congress promised for Title I under NCLB for FY 2007.
• President Bush allows college tuition to soar un-checked. In the past few years, the weakened economy, regressive tax cuts for the wealthy and federal budget cuts have pushed higher tuition prices onto college students and their families. The average tuition and fees at four-year public colleges have risen 40%, when adjusted for inflation, since 2001. Yet not only has President Bush failed to provide any relief for rising tuition, but his FY 2007 budget breaks his $5,100 Pell promise and cuts critical college programs.
• President Bush undermines critical early education. Successful K-12 education reform must include opportunities for low-income children to receive high quality early education. But the Bush budget provides no new money for the Head Start program and as a result, programs will have to choose between cutting 19,000 children from the program or making cuts to the quality services proven to help children reach kindergarten better prepared to succeed.
• President Bush eliminates vocational education programs for the 2nd year in a row. At the same time that the President promotes a “competitiveness agenda” and touts high school reform, innovative vocational and technical education programs that offer high school and community college students entry into high skill, high demand job opportunities are eliminated from the budget. The FY 2007 budget brings the total amount that President Bush has proposed to cut from vocational education programs to over $3 billion since he took office.
Bush Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Analysis
The Honorable George Miller, Senior Democrat, Education and the Workforce Committee
U.S. House of Representatives ● February 6, 2006 ● Page 1 of 8
No Child Left Behind Funding: Failing to Invest in Our Schools
President Bush Shortchanges Education Reform. For the fifth year in a row, President Bush is failing to provide the resources he promised for the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) —bipartisan K-12 education reform legislation signed into law four years ago. The Bush budget falls $15 billion short of the amount that the President and Congress originally agreed to provide for NCLB this year. Under his FY 2007 budget, President Bush has shortchanged NCLB by a total of more than $55 billion since its enactment.

Anonymous said...

So the media gives us pics of the Jenna wedding and I guess the rest of us get cake.

My only wish is we get rid of all the a.... consultants when we rid the government of cheap a.. repubs.

I thoroughly detest what the reformers have created (chaos and destruction) and its going to take years to rebuild it. good luck and good riddance. I'm holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

while there is NO doubt the fascists have tried to destroy education, so their drooling idiot prodigy like GWB Jr. can cruise through life unaccountable, irresponsible, and living like pashas ------------- our national math disaster was brought to us by incompetent do goody liberals who don't know how crappy the job market is and how tough it is to compete.
I'll try reforming do gooder incompetents over fascists anyday.

Anonymous said...

Fascist, conservative, or liberal? That is a mystery. My thinking is bipartisan.

For one, no attempt has been made by a president or a presidential candidate to critically examine the textbooks students are actually using. Secondly, the Governor's Roundtable (including former conservative governors from Colorado and Michigan) have never questioned the exemplary textbooks. The DOE is not exactly a liberal organization and they gave the rating. NCLB and Bush have reduced all spending for teachers and support programs by over half in the last four years, leaving states to fund that gap in spending. Liberals usually want to spend more money.

Publishers are not liberal either, most of them back conservative leaders. Most of them started their businesses publishing bibles, not exactly liberal.

On the other hand, both Obama and Clinton have never come out against the textbooks either. And Obama chaired a non-profit in Chicago which was dissolved and has been criticized as failing to raise the achievement levels of students despite spending $126 million over five years and being matched by $200 million. The people connected to Retzko are known in Chicago as the Christian Mafia.

These are hardly liberal thinking people, however, they apparently do support liberal candidates. Neither Gates or Broad are liberals and they have never spoke out against the textbooks.

I can think of plenty of reasons, why conservatives and liberals don't always agree on foreign policy, but with education its different, otherwise the issue s would be debated more often.