Sunday, May 18, 2008

NSF dollars funding Math Decay

We seem to be a nation bent on funding our own disaster. Write your legislators in WA DC after you read these.



We are funding our own destruction. NSF bribes school districts with grants to reduce textbook costs and supposed professional development to use inferior materials.

Take a look at the Carefully selected OSPI Standards Revision Team that the Dana Center directed in the fall that produced the jumbled confusion called math standards that the legislature rejected.

It featured lots of those who pander for NSF largess. Perhaps those who are the beneficiaries of NSF largess should not have been on the OSPI selected Standards Revision Team, but then who would have been left?

Oh my where were those highly math knowledgeable representatives from industry that OSPI failed to select despite the ST recommendation that OSPI do so? Gee and I thought that HB 1906 required that to happen, what is up with that??

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