Thursday, February 7, 2008

Two Million Minutes - Worth Watching

I watched the one hour video "Two Million Minutes".
Official 2MM website is here.

The title comes from the amount of time 24/7 that students are alive in high school. The Chinese have a month longer school year and a considerably longer school day than in the US. In four years of High School a Chinese student spends almost twice as much time in school and studying outside school hours as does a US student.

It looks at the lives of three male and three female high school students. Two from Carmel, Indiana, two from Bangalore, India, and two from Shanghai, China. It also has several comments from Robert Reich former U.S. Secretary of Labor and a few other professionals.

This is an interesting investigation into the lives of 6 students as well as education and associated cultural values in the US, India, and China. All 6 were very high performing students. The male student from Carmel, earned a Full ride from Purdue in Computer Graphics.

If you interest is in education, this is definitely worth watching.

Here is the Blog associated with the film.

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