Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Japanese children
to spend more time
on math, science
and end 6+ years of fuzzy reform direction

For the last few years the reform math boosters have noted that even Japan had become more centered on exploration and inquiry and proclaimed that the USA was just cutting edge with this stuff. Well now after 6 to 8 years of this cutting edge - Japan has watched their standing tailspin in Math. They are not as PC correct "group think" stupid as we are. The Japanese can recognize nonsense when they see it. They refuse to bleed to death on the cutting edge.

Sure would be wonderful if the Seattle School board could recognize nonsense, or notice the blood from the cutting edge. Looks like we will have to have more math fatalities from bleeding over this nonsense before anyone will act.

Here is the link to the Reuters news report.

Fri Feb 15, 2008

http://in.reuters.com/article/lifestyleMolt/idINT30679120080215?feedType=RSS&feedName=lifestyleM olt&sp=true

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese schoolchildren will spend more time on core subjects such as math and science under guidelines unveiled on Friday, in an effort to boost academic standards months after the country slipped in global education rankings.

The changes, to be implemented gradually from next year, reverse reforms implemented in 2000 to create a more "relaxed" environment that would foster creativity and reduce rote learning.

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