Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Battling for Math Education

In the Seattle Post Intelligencer:
Battling for Math Education
Clifford F. Mass


Anonymous said...

The difficulty I have with believing in the standardized math programs is that it relies too heavily on non-standard methods for problem-solving. That means you've been taught math that won't count for work or college.

The emphasis of standardized math is informal logic and a type of statistics that is used often by social conservatives. Students learn non-causality, meaning not only the laws of nature can never fully describe perfection, but that we can never be certain that two variables are related. It is Aristotle's philosophy otherwise known as common-sense, the complete antithesis of Francis Bacon's inductive approach to scientific investigation.

The Conservative attack on academic education in the US is against objectivity. Without objectivity you cannot deconstruct the 'socially constructed' truths created by education reformers.

The math reformers are directing their blame on poverty. They are using minorities and educators, as scapegoats for what is a serious attack on civil rights and a return to policies of segregation through forced assimilation.

Not since 1873, have school officials been accused of so much corruption. It goes to the highest level in public education. The widespread reporting of fraudulent practices, such as no-bid contracts and outside consultants, will create a backlash of public resentment. The fact these officials have escaped prosecution does not make their programs any more ethical.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to distribute a copy of this tomorrow at the 36th Legislative District Democrats, along with copies of Semler running for OSPI.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kurt Krieth. The draft standards lists him as a consultant from UC Davis. I don't think he is with the Math Ed. Curriculum Dept?

Anonymous said...

The connection to UC Davis is unknown. Kurt Krieth is tied to Jerry Folk a clergyman in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Jerry is a retired lecturer from Edgewood College, Madison, WI.

Remember the replacement for the Asst Sup in Tacoma didn't have proper credentials. Briars didn't have credentials either. etc.

Norm Webb, Madison WI Alternative assessment alignments.

Blog - "Kurt Krieth aptly expressed this in referring to peace research as "any of a wide range of activities dealing with the nature of a warless world, the problems inherent in making a transition to such a world and the means for averting conflict during the transition."

'Peace studies programs focusing on conflict and conflict resolution studies generally operate primarily with this "negative" definition of peace. Likewise programs which approach the subject from the point of view of world law or of international relations tend toward a "negative peace" orientation.'

Aside from my taking issue with the fact that 'progressives' continue using the paradigm of a math war between two factions, so they can win through compromise. what else is there?

How about students using non-standard methods of solving problems, which neither business nor colleges value.

By 9th grade, average students are 2 years behind their peers in other countries.

Or what about officials manipulating data to overstate their successes using poor academic programs and biased tests. For instance, drop out rates are actually 37%. Once a kid leaves school they are invisible, OSPI can't/won't account for them.


This is interesting...

William Tooman is also a faculty member of Edgewood. Could this be the son of Lee Tooman, from Golden Rule Insurance and the Heartland Institute?

Remember Maine's Health Plan. It sounds similiar to the education crisis (2004)-

Greg Scandlen, director of The Galen Institute's Center for Consumer Driven Health Care, notes "The proposal includes tax-financed subsidies for everyone with incomes below 300 percent of the federal poverty level or $45,750 for a family of three. Yet the median household income in Maine is $37,240."

"The state" notes Scandlen, "seems to think it will pay for the subsidy by "recovering" $164 million in freed-up money from bad debts, now that the uninsured will be covered.

But the subsidy isn't confined to the previously uninsured. It is available to everyone meeting the income threshold--well over half the state population."

fast forward to 2006

Essentially United’ high deductible subsidiary Golden Rule is advertising that it’s selling a HDHP with agreed procedure rates for customers—just like the vast majority of PPOs out there. But when the time comes, they are contractually allowing their providers to balance bill the customer over and above the rates they’ve agreed. The real kicker is that are keeping that fact secret from their customers because—absolutely incredibly—they claim it’s a trade secret between plan and provider. So they tell the customer that they’re buying into a network with pre-negotiated rates, but it’s not true. This is pretty much straight fraud.

2007 --
Graf misrepresented to insurance agents and the public that Employers Mutual’s plans were insured through one or more legitimate insurance companies, including Sun Life of Canada, United Wisconsin Life Insurance Company and Golden Rule Insurance Company. Graf bilked customers of Employers Mutual LLC, a company that falsely purported to provide health care coverage to more than 20,000 people across the United States. Instead, people who thought they were insured were left facing more than $20 million in unpaid claims when Employers Mutual was shut down by authorities.

Insurance for public employees ***
Unpaid medical bills for $20 million affecting 20,000 people.

dan dempsey said...

We should abandon all references to Math War. Looking at the relevant data reveals this to be a Math Hoax perpetrated by the powers that be.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would agree with your deduction. You fight fire with fire.

These frauds are using techniques they learned from AA? Bill Wilson's Big Book?

Which bosses sat on who's lap and confessed their sins.

The latest round is an attempt to add more balance to the war.

A war that uses statistics to lie about the war, is not a war - its propaganda.

Might v. Right

The virtuous war is not so virtuous.

Fake it, 'til you make it.

Anonymous said...

Wheres the Hype commenting

ouch - what is this person talking about when she is using a metaphor like crucible of truth. This is dating her folks, so watch out. Arthur Miller's, The Crucible, she read it in high school. And she probably knows Hannah Arendt.

You are probably talking to a senior lecturer who has been educated at a college like William and Mary's in literature and education, possibly with a background in law - this is a person solidly grounded in the ethics of virtues. She moves in the company of men and probably despises them.

If she is a teacher, she is teaching gifted children and knows how to ask the right questions to get her on the main circuit for teaching differentiated instruction.

You don't want to get into a backdoor fight with this women, because she'll rip your eyes out.


This is an aggressive dominant personality.

Goal directed, driven to win in order to validate their self-esteem. My perception of hype was mostly image aggression. This is a person who is not by nature aggressive, except when she is alerted to another person's weaknesses. One trait of this type of aggressor is their persistence, they will not let go once they have found something wrong with your arguments.

Stick to facts, stick to personal experiences, and be truthful. The best you can do is get her to read what you have to say. If you weren't fighting the daily battle in the classroom, she would be the first person to realize it and challenge you.

Anonymous said...

Beyond the hype could be dropping clues, definitely proud of her accomplishments, connected to telecommunications, could be involved with Annenburg. Usually does not go out of way her way to join a blog.

Lacks a sense of humor; rather wishes she had one. This leads to inconsistencies within her own staff and so she is used to engaging others in a verbal combative style, but comes across in her writing as petty, overly rigid, and demeaning to coworkers. But that's not her intent, it just gets interpreted wrongly.