Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Brief History of American K-12 Mathematics Education

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A Brief History of American K-12 Mathematics Education

in the 20th Century

by David Klein


Anonymous said...

If WEA won't stand with math and science educators then is it possible that Bergerson and her supporters are holding something on them too. Seems really stupid of Washington voters to elect a former union boss to run the OSPI office. B. knows more about how to defraud government than any other elected official. No-bid contracts with Carkhuff. She must have a few million selling that to Washington taxpayers.

dan dempsey said...

I hope that three terms of Dr Bergeson will be enough educational damage. She will have a difficult time portraying her opponent as even worse than she is this time around. If voters are anything less than comatose, Dr Rich Semler will be leading us through a rebuilding term. I thank him for postponing his retirement for four years to begin fixing this mess.