Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Math Standards Don't Add Up
in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

In the PI:

Jessica Blanchard writes on the math standards and the coming Seattle high school textbook adoption.

State's proposed new math standards don't add up, critics say
Problems cited in requirements for high-schoolers

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Anonymous said...

I posted this somewhere else, but I've cleaned it up a bit. So I thought someone here would find it amusing.

Dearest Wise,

Re: Non-computationally based algebra for eighth graders flies better than toilet paper in classrooms.

Is this more insipid research from UW? I’m not sure I understand.

You assert that necessity, the mother of all inventions, is contrived. But rather, you propose necessity is by design and so aspire to cover the truth, whatsoever its modesty.

By necessity, you claim math progressivism deals with the ever-increasing flow of reinterpretations of what we can only conclude from your supporters are sound, fundamental truths; but naturally these always stand apart from blunt truths.

In truth, universal acceptance of your propositions is far more important than if they were true. If you were backed by experience, there might be some truth or importance, yet again only if it were logical, and not as some others say, a product of cheap arrogance.

It takes a very unusual mind to analyze the obvious, and yours is obviously not so unusual.


Retsio Myapologios