Monday, November 8, 2010

NCTM and the Common Core Standards
Bye-Bye Local Control

NCTM reports on two task forces. For more on their vision concerning interpretation & implementation of CCSS (work of 1st task force), watch for their upcoming publication "Making It Happen."

The 2nd task force brought together reps from NCTM, NCSM, AMTE, and ASSM. The report from their task force gives insight into their vision of whom should have authority to make changes to the CCSS going forward. From page 5 of the report;

"2. Create a process to support short-term fixes, medium-term adjustments, and long-term review and modification of the CCSS, as needed. Base changes on expert advice and empirical evidence, and insulate the process from excessive political influence."

I wonder, will input from parents and/or groups like "Where's the Math?" be looked upon as "expert advice", "empirical evidence", or will our concerns be cast as "excessive political influence?" Full report at:

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