Sunday, November 21, 2010

Arbitrary and Capricious :
Evidence not desired

Linked below are the declarations of four Directors submitted to the court on 11-17-2010.

These are the four directors that vocally supported MGJ's appeal of the Spector High School Math Adoption decision of 2-4-2010, which remanded the decision back to the Board with instructions to include all the evidence in decision-making.

It is interesting that Carr, Maier, and Sundquist state:

"I did not believe that considering any additional material would help me reach a decision on this difficult issue."

Right on ... why consider any information from the public even when ordered to by the court.

An interesting feature of these declarations is the use of the words "opinion" and "information". Never is the word evidence used. It seems there is no focus on making evidence based decisions by these directors. WOW!!! could these folks get any more arbitrary and capricious?

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