Friday, November 5, 2010

Gov. Christine and the Budget {CRUNCH}

The big election news for Washington voters is you neglected to approve taxes.

It is now according to the Gov. time to cut entire programs. I suggest starting with these two ASAP.

(1).. Dump the Common Core Standards ala SB 6696
(The Legislature may reject them in January 2011, which is a great idea.)

(2).. Dump the Core 24 plan.

The idea behind Core 24 was more classes to make students college and career ready.
(The Advanced Algebra for everyone plan -- (totally absurd idea))

If you would like to make students ready for Collegiate Science classes, check out the .pdf here.

It turns out that Collegiate instructors find the baloney math ideas pushed over the last two decades have had a particularly damaging effect.

We now graduate the smallest number of engineers of any time in the last 30 years and the trend is downward yet. When I spoke to the engineering person at UW Bothell of over 20 students beginning training in engineering only 2 were recent high school graduates.

Check the Math Computation skills Graph on this page of the linked report.
Absolutely shocking that the same math folks from the "Bergeson era" are still at OSPI and worse yet that OSPI and SBE leaders listen to their NO RESULTS math recommendations.

Check out Sudhakar's post on ONE MILLION Engineers

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