Saturday, November 20, 2010

A BIG DATA reporting Mistake

Richard writes:

I'm used to getting bad data from Kentucky's educators, but this time it's the NCES that messed up.

In a new set of web pages that accompanied the recent release of the 12th grade reading and math scores from 2009. the NCES included a graph supposedly showing the proficiency gaps between whites, blacks and Hispanics.

The only problem is they used the wrong numbers! They totally forgot to add in the kids who scored at or above NAEP "Advanced." The result is the black-white gap is understated for 2009 by a significant amount. The real gap is 30 percent larger than the gap shown on the graph.

For all the details, including graphs in living color:

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Anonymous said...

It was not forgotten...and neither will Latinos forget. Public schools are at a crossroads and I will always look at 'American' education with great skepticism. Textbooks that fail students are the product and poison of a closet bigot's creative intolerance.