Monday, June 7, 2010

The Rift Between Teachers and Democrats Widens
and my connecting the dots
.... by Shamus Cooke

The corporate media is brutally honest on rare occasions. Take for example a recent article in The New York Times Magazine, titled "The Teachers’ Unions' Last Stand" (05-23-10).

The title itself is surprisingly sincere, since it admits that the nation’s teachers are being targeted for attack by the Obama Administration through his “Race to the Top” education reform. And although the article has an inherently corporate bias, it contains many revelations that have been otherwise ignored in the mainstream media.
..... excellent piece and worth reading. Thank You to Buzzflash and Shamus Cooke
Connecting the Dots ... In the NY Times article former secretary of Education Richard Riley is mentioned. See this. In 2001 he became a highly paid director of KnowledgeWorks Foundation, which is now the Parent of the New Technology Network, which is providing the Seattle Schools their pathetic NTN STEM model of Project Based Learning for Cleveland Option STEM high school. fee $800,000 .... NTN has 41 sad schools KWF plans to have 500 in 5 years ..... When dufus thinkers like OSPI and SPS sprinkle around really huge money, they spend it to improve nothing. Past performance results are never really analyzed ... like Director Carr promotional brochures from providers are read and hundreds of thousands spent while factual data is ignored. What a giant fixed game education has become.

At least now I know why the four directors that voted for NTN twice (2-3-10 and 4-7-10)
received $480,000 in campaign donations in 2007 ... look at all those 4-3 votes lately..... anyone still think we live in a republic?


Anonymous said...

the best way to cast doubt on a group of doubt-mongers is shed some light and feed it back to them. Its interesting, since our gambit against math reofrm started how the propoenents come and go, but nothing else changes.
We're still chopping heads off the same stupid hydra. Pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

I like the way one flea bag administration has chosen to run a district on one cylinder with barely more than 30% of voter support. Never mind that in two short years they have managed to lose 15% of their students and have earned the distinction of running the lowest performing elementary school in the entire state. Not to mention a critical short supply of cash caused by their own d.... negligence. Meanwhile the state continues playing with its fingers and let nature run its course. A true state of denial.

Sahila said...

go here and sign... its a start in turning SPS around... first the Superintendent (tho why we're not demanding she be fired I dont know), then remove the rubber stampers on the Board, to be replaced by people who aren't owned by the corporate players...