Monday, June 21, 2010

MGJ Contract Extension: Just say NO!!!

Time to send a few letters to the Seattle school board.

Here is one of mine.

the address to use is:


kprugman said...

This is why you can't run a country with freemason socialism. There's an angle between Vedra and Santorno and we ran into the same group pushing expensive reform measures in Skagit County.

dan dempsey said...

The thing that astonishes me is .....
where is there any proof that reform is a good idea?

It is change without improvement for it seems to be suckers' bait.

Anonymous said...

Soothsayers vs. naysayers I suppose. Curious that all the wizards are silent or have gone elsewhere? Retired maybe on a full pension? Not much smarter than ogres. A lying principal had the intelligence to call our science department the 'nerd' corner. He keeps confusing astrology with astronomy.

kprugman said...

Success for all is a suckers bait. You pegged it. The crux of the matter is the RCW.

You can't prosecute if there's no law to be broken!

The public will be perpetually flummoxed, until some honest lawmaker puts a stop to every politician's high-octane plan to save education from itself.