Sunday, June 13, 2010

Math Genocide by "caste" and "ethnicity" in Seattle
is ongoing and apparently unstoppable.

Here is my letter to Seattle School Director Kay Smith-Blum in this regard.
Here is the document referenced in the letter: David Orbits 5 year Trend report.

Here is my initial letter seeking guidance from OSPI in Stopping Math Genocide.

Here are the questions OSPI asks to determine how about $50 million gets alloted in SIG money. School Improvement Grants.

Here is BERC's view of Cleveland.

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Anonymous said...

The focus over the past 20 years has been on standards and its alienating some very large groups of people. Our politicians make laws that bind these families to school, but they neglect to consider that for the vast majority of us, school is currently not a good experience. In addition, there are some criminally racist school boards and educators sapping the life-blood out of our schools and ripping off taxpayers. full boat bennett is our ex-sec of education. What a joke... Not even emigrating to the UAE will save these crooks.