Tuesday, June 1, 2010

KUOW wants to hear from parents at Rally

Hi Families,

Phyllis Fletcher, a reporter for KUOW (our local public radio station), is planning on being at the rally tomorrow. She would love to hear from families with interesting stories that illustrate why they are personally at the rally. For example, how the district is not serving your child and how you feel the superintendent is responsible for that.

So, here is a chance to tell our stories and challenges it to a wider audience. Phyllis told me to let you know that you should look for her if you have a story to tell and are willing to be interviewed on tape on the spot.

Here is a link to her bio and a picture so you can find her if you have a something to say: http://www.kuow.org/about/staff.php?staff=1259

And long term, aside form the rally, she is also interested in hearing from people who are having trouble getting their kids' needs met in the school system. Her contact information is available at the link above. If you don't have a chance to speak with her tomorrow, feel free to contact her.

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