Monday, April 5, 2010

Responsible for Upbringing
by Charlie Hoff

Responsible for Upbringing by Charlie Hoff


Anonymous said...

So increased stork sightings, means the birth rate will increase. Parents, like children, come in all shapes and sizes from all over the world. Parenting has absolutely nothing to do with math education.

With new math, the emphasis is anything but analytical thinking. Core plus teaching emphasis is linear regression. Do I want that for my child? No.

Parents and children know the difference between good textbooks and bad ones. I don't think it is right or ethical for governements to act paternalistic while taxpayers are being asked to cough up money wastefully spent on ineffective school programs. Nothing is going to convince me otherwise. I have to live with the results and I am one pissed off voter.

dan dempsey said...

Watch Seattle School Board (4-3) approve NTN contract once again on 4-7-10

and... REPLAY this:

I have to live with the results and I am one pissed off voter.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally - the whole process is a sham. We already knew the outcome before they voted, so what was their point. We lose teachers and buy a network? Somewhere in the political domain we have lost the connection between test scores, textbooks, and teaching. Children no longer fit into their equation.

dan dempsey said...

The big testing and continued re-Testing is a great revenue source.

Corporatist Fat Cats can make big money on testing ... educating as in really educating that is hard work.

It is easier to spin the public into the changes Corporatist agents desire than actually come-up with models that actually work.

Amazingly the NTN model is completely pathetic ... but MGJ and her favorite four stuffed it through.

Anonymous said...

Roy Pea and his guns over at Carnegie are probably some of the brains behind this.

If you've ever watched students in alternative ed take a random stab at learning math on Plato then you will understand why I am very skeptical of their claims.

This is technology that is no more capable than similiar software developed during the 70's.

You might as well learn math using television and calling in with questions. it would be far cheaper and socially more satisfying.

Computers are not the cure-all for mankind's ignorance. Schools will go bankrupt proving me wrong.