Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nonsense Unlimited Unleashed on Seattle by MGJ again (and her Corporatist Four)

My Seattle School Board Testimony from 4-7-2010

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Anonymous said...

What our paresnts' research has uncovered are the serious lack of accounting controls for financing school projects. Our district can account for a $1 billion worth of school property, but its no larger than what similiar districts would be if they were worth 1.5 times less.

It is clear that many districts' budgets have been disrupted, but it has not been from the economy as so many superintendents have us imagining. Real estate prices while down, have never reached the levels that were imagined before panic would take over.

What better way to obfuscate the truth than provide poor academic programs for schools and then blame teachers for the abundance of unsolvable problems.

Unbeknownst to taxpayers, they are also shouldering most of the debt that was owned and created by the speculators. Some districts have been singled out as bagholders and the effect you see across the state is an overcapitalization of some districts.

What this will create for us, unless districts get bailed out first by federal spending is a serious cash flow problem and until then, districts will be unable to build future schools at least until a reasonable amount of debt has been paid back.