Monday, April 5, 2010

Lawless(???) Judges and Directors is the question. "The Writ" and more.

Try this and draw your own conclusions:

Continuing disregard for the law.

Transparent as MUD and accountable to no one and certainly not the law. Welcome Supreme Court, Olympia.


Anonymous said...

In our district no one is accountable for anything anymore, the superintendents, board members or their wives, their headhunter, the public relations rep a realtor, bankers, auditors, and the ESD direcotor are all board members of the same charity and they get paid very well to act stupid.

Throw in a drunk state superintendent and the foxes are all free to roam inside the hen house.

Inadequate fiscal controls for capital expenditures means Washington state will become a very expensive state for taxpayers and children.

An elementary school in our district cost state taxpayers nearly twice the national average if you included state subsidies.

We're educating the locals and they are bristling every time one of these heels chimes in how we've got to support our schools by voting yes to one of their pathetic bonds.

How a district ends up with more vacant land than most school districts own - 80 acres worth - 29 acres purchased at $65k per acre with non-approved voter bonds is beyond our belief.

This district is capitalized for a district more than twice its size and it was the realtors and developers who did it to them.

Anonymous said...

Debt is not a substitute for education. Districts could start by adopting a successful math program and, for a change, do something that is ethical and a moral obligation to our society.

The word 'District' should be substituted with 'Liar' - it is a more appropriate description for what is happenning in schools these days.

Time to give these dogs the boot or face some serious financial consequences. Low academics is a foregone conclusion - there is very little to write about anymore except for smoke and mirrors.