Saturday, July 4, 2009

WASL Math change vs Reading : 2005-2008 for grade 10

State WASL score change from 2005 to 2008 for READING at grade 10 went up

by 8.9 points from 72.9% passing to 81.8% passing

what I find of greater interest is that every subgroup I compared
went up more than the State rise of 8.9 points
Hispanics by 6.7 points more
American Indians by 3.3 points more
Limited English by 4 points
Black by 6.9 points
Low Income by 5.5 points

For Reading these 5 subgroups have an average gain of 5.28 points
more than the 8.9 point rise.
Hooray for Reading!!!

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Now for Math....

State WASL score change from 2005 to 2008 for MATH at grade 10 went up

by 2.1 points from 47.5% passing to 49.6% passing

(preliminary stats for WASL Math gr 10 2009 = 45.26% passing)

Now lets look at the 5 subgroups in comparison to the
State rise of 2.1 points
Hispanics up by 0.1 points more
American Indians up by 0.4 points more
Limited English down by 1.3 points
Black down by 0.3 points
Low Income down by 0.5 points

For MATH these 5 subgroups have an average loss of 0.32 points

Now if that preliminary WASL number of 45.26% Math Passing for the Class of 2011
is accurate, then Math score from 2005 to 2009 will be down by 2.24 points.

Looking to the UW or OSPI for math guidance is problematic.
NMAP is a better choice.

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Anonymous said...

Next time let the kids use graphing calculators. It won't make a lick of difference. Computational based instruction is a marketing strategy and not educationally significant. Nobody needed the NMAP to tell them that. UW ed profs had too much of the wrong champagne.