Thursday, July 2, 2009

Common Core State Standards Development Work Group and Feedback Group Announced

Common Core State Standards Development Work Group and Feedback Group Announced

So now we have a small idea on what is happening or at least who is making it happen.

On the Math Work Group:
Few Mathematicians and no teachers but filled with consultants.

On the Math Feedback group:
Several Mathematicians and one teacher
middle school teacher Vern Williams, a former National Math Advisory Panelist.

Who did the selections????


Anonymous said...

This entire curriculum reform effort has to do with building a new industry in education. Its a very short-sighted and narrow attempt at selling the public a badly flawed curriculum which probably started with an effort by Texas Instruments to make graphing calculators an integral part of school.

The monetary engines driving Washington's reform movement are Boeing and Microsoft.

What the Roundtable fails to recognize are that national standards, as they are currently defined, does not deny exclusivity of poor curriculum. To fund the current amount of research being conducted in math education, lawmakers had to open the floodgates for funding so-called research - which really should be called merchandising not evaluation.

dan dempsey said...

Anon is correct this is the dawn of No Vendor Left Behind.

Several folks who are not fans of National Standards joined the show rather than let misguided zealots determine everything.

I recognize some names of top notch real math folks ... I am not for National Standards but I am really opposed to Phil Daro and Uri T determining where we should go without any opposition.

Better to ride the bus and attempt to direct it than be run over by it.