Friday, December 19, 2008

State Education Funding cuts could have been worse

For Education things could have been worse.
(Here is the Gov's plan)

The Gov's proposals:

Check the story in the Tribune.

highlight this:

Eliminating the math helping corps and reading corps.

Refocusing two state-funded training days on math and science.


Anonymous said...

Same old. Same old. What's new? Teachers hit again. If not one thing it's another.

Anonymous said...

If the end of segmented math funding is the end of the Roselind Wise / James King / Warfield style fuzzies deciding which of the lastest greatest worthless fuzzy theories will be hung around the necks of our drowding lower income kids,


good riddance.

Anonymous said...

More cuts are in store for schools - plenty more. You've got a government willing to stimulate the economy, but no ethics, vision, or honesty. Tennis courts in dry river beds. Lets give ceos christmas bonuses with taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

This is part of the problem with calling the Math Wars a socalled 'debate'. The idiots at the curriculum end continue spewing out their constant dribble propping up their books with butchery, while the rest of the country complains about how worthless their textbooks are - when actually they are a negative input into the economy. Reform math is inflating school, much like our currency is being inflated to cover the bad investments of bankers.

In economic terms, reform 'curriculum' is subtracting from the GNP, because children have to be remediated in order to remain competitive in the workplace. By 'over-educating' to educate children, schools are doing more harm to children than good.

This reform movement lost touch with reality years ago.

dan dempsey said...

It was said:
The reform movement lost touch with reality.

I am beginning to wonder what reality is in the USA. It seems that the NSF and NCTM have the ability to define reality. Many school officials clearly believe this as they are unable to look at basic research and textbooks and determine the proverbial "Shit" from "Shinola". Check the lack of shine on those school officials math shoes.

Anonymous said...

So long as the Michigan unthink have lobbyists like Kissbreech and Suckfist this reform is misery in self-perpetuity.