Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where are those Politicians going to take Education?

Obama details education improvement planDemocratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama outlined his plan for education, including doubling funding for charter schools as well as supporting merit pay and increased accountability for teachers. "If we're going to make a real and lasting difference for our future, we have to be willing to move beyond the old arguments of left and right and take meaningful, practical steps to build an education system worthy of our children and our future," Obama said. USA TODAY/Associated Press (9/9) , Google/Associated Press (9/9) , Chicago Sun-Times (9/9)

Obama calls for performance pay

The McCain Plan

Why home school?

Fewer kids can graduate,0,6412168.story

A math program with awards?

Education and politics?


Anonymous said...

What our leaders are proposing has very little to do with educating the majority of children. There is no shortage of fabulous ideas. But that is a symptom of systemic failure and lopsided denial. Educators should be addressing the realities of failure; not reenact Don Quixote.

Anonymous said...

A culture of ethical failure besets the Ministry to Reform Education. The media should be just as concerned about education as they are about oil royalties and the Department of Interior (sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll Bush style) Elected parasites living off government welfare should be a crime. Corporations might eat each other; but non-profits and lobbyists fatten up the rich with our tax money.

dan dempsey said...

Results ....
Does anyone actually realistically plan for positive results?

Is anyone held accountable?

How can a Government that thought making ethanol from corn was a reasonable idea be trusted to thoughtfully decide anything?

Do any of these folks know anything about physics or chem?
Apparently not.

We send $700 billion a year away and Pelosi thinks that drilling for oil should be hampered.
Meanwhile let us just stop the export of technical jobs and family wage jobs overseas.(How?)

OK other than Airplanes, some cars, some equipment ... what is it that we are going to produce in a competitive environment?

Innovation is the key in the future.

Look at our current school situation in Washington State under Terry Bergeson et al.

We are currently without leaders or leadership. Most of our legislators can not see beyond their own shadow.

Wow... TERC/investigations rates as the number 3 math book in the first evaluation of elementary texts. What kind of process could produce such a result?

Anonymous said...

Textbook evaluation is very one-sided and unethical. We expect performance from teachers and students, but we're not allowed to criticize textbooks.

Anonymous said...

Calling for teacher performance pay is a pipedream. Obama should be bold and ask why textbooks do not align with standards and why US standards fail to align with world standards. The teacher unions are against merit pay and my experience shows their skepticism is warranted. There is simply more opportunity for misuse. I would compare this to the efforts to bring technology into the classroom.