Monday, September 29, 2008

Dorn and Bergeson in the TNT on 9/25/08

Dorn says:

For over a decade, OSPI has clung to the test it created--the WASL--which is currently a bureaucratic, exorbitant waste of taxpayer dollars providing no useful information to teachers, students or parents. I will overhaul the assessment system to make it cost effective, less wasteful of precious class time, and capable of providing timely results that aid effective instruction and provide a national comparison of our students' performance. The new system will focus first on improving student learning and the money saved will be put back into the classrooms where it belongs.

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Anonymous said...

The bad news is that Washington remains out of compliance with no plan for improving its already stretched and demoralized school system.

The point of the WASL is lost to taxpayers and educators. What do schools do with the WASL results which continue painting a really grim picture of record low academic achievement throughout the state. Bergeson twice succeeded in obtaining a waiver from the Department of Education.

It is not likely the next superintendent will succeed in getting a third.

The most likely scenario, given the absolute criminality of our current government (e.g. McCain's financial ties to Keating) and the current legislative reluctance to bail out Wall street (Who will vote on a plan that had voters buying bank derivatives for $700B, that were only worth a fraction of what they claim), NCLB will probably become another piece of garbage legislation swept under the political carpet. Bush and his cabinet of carpetbaggers will find very few friends left in Washington or even the US.

This does not excuse the Washington school system from educating students.

My fear is neither Dorn nor Bergeson have understood the significance of curriculum and aside from the flaws in designing and administering the WASL which go far beyond incompetence, there are much deeper problems that involve members of the legislative education committees and the Governor. It will take years before Washington state will ever recover from the reckless oversight of its lawmakers.