Thursday, September 25, 2008

Columbia Missouri ... math change .. HOORAY!!

Check this Newspaper Article...

Columbia Missouri goes for a more traditional math approach.....
like the high performing math countries.


Anonymous said...

This is an article from Feb 2008 - which tells you something of how long it took for the school board to make a decision.

It is very important to distinguish between members of the MATH department, who are real mathematicians, and members of the math EDUCATION department, who are not. It is the math education department which is pushing this harmful curriculum. They would like people to confuse them with real mathematicians, but it ain't so. Real mathematicians, as I pointed out in my comments, are horrified by TERC, Connected Math, and Integrated math we have in CPSschools.

Ines Segert

- Posted by: Ines Segert | February 13, 2008 06:33 AM

Anonymous said...

My hope is parents and teachers begin to look at Singapore as a possibility. There are big problems with traditional math curriculum that have not been resolved.

I have been using it in an extended 2 year algebra class and the kids don't want to change into a 1 year class. Almost all the kids are English Dominant Latinos from Tijuana. They say the work I give them is easier to understand and they'd rather challenge the CAHSEE in the Spring.