Saturday, September 6, 2008

Math Grant for Rigor fails to take off

The big math grant that did not happen.
Politics squashes a chance for improvement.



Anonymous said...

Great right wing propaganda, also known as bullshit.

I was at a high school eligible for this money. Few of the math science people disagreed with the goals of having more kids taking harder classes.

The problem was with having these right wingers decide which of us teachers were good and which weren't.

So, this year me and the other Pre Calculus teacher will be judged against each other on our kids' test scores, BUT, neither of us had any influence on the 10 years of 'education' our kids picked up in the 10 years before they got to us!

In a private sector which has fostered the dinosaur auto industry bleeding money because the price of gasoline went up again, which has a mortgage industry being taken over this morning by the taxpayers, a virtually non existant steel industry, which has war profiteers bleeding the public and endangering our troops like blackwater and haliburton, which has a few crooks manipulating the oil futures market to screw billions of consumers, which has exxon making more money than anyone has ever made AND still whining for tax welfare...

- oh, and by the way, WHEN have any of the senior managements of these companies accomplished much more than lining their own pockets while hundreds of millions of us working stiffs were going to be ripped off and out of our jobs --

- we teachers were going to be evaluated by some approved-by-EXXON formula?

Because the private sector is so much more efficient at ... screwing people so a few at the top can live like , kings, queens and pashas?

I worked in the private sector for decades, and I support those who work smarter getting paid better than those who show up and breath. However, it is rare when the bigger paycheck goes to the more productive, despite the incessant lies from the right wing claiming so.

I'm glad we're not doing business with such liars.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'd read this story before and there is more here than meets the eye.