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Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education (109 minutes) VIDEO on the coming k-12 Math Standards and required third year of math

January 24, 2008 10:00am
Event Description:

Public: SB 6534 (Regarding the revision of mathematics standards); Work: Update on the revision of the mathematics standards/recommended math curriculum, Status on determination of content of the req. credit for high school mathematics, other.

This is 1 hour 49 minutes on what in happening in math. The standards revision process is explained and questions are asked.
Steve Floyd of the State Board of Education leads off, Cathy Seeley former NCTM president (2004-2006) currently of the Dana Center starts near minute 9:00. Dr. Terry Bergeson is there.

Senator McAuliffe asks questions of almost everyone.

There is testimony from teachers and educators beginning at 1:00:00
Three testimonies from others begin at 1:40:00

Steve Floyd of SBE begins with an overview.

Cathy Seeley of Dana Center starts at 9:00 min
testimony ends at 22:00 min then questions of Cathy Seeley go on until 29:00.

Dr. Bergeson speaks beginning at 29:00
Talks about curriculum at 35:00 until 46:00

Senator Oemig asks great question at around 43:30

Steve Floyd Talks about SBE and the required third credit of Mathematics 47:45
"The Meaningful High School Diploma" ready for success in post secondary education, or employment, and ready for success as a citizen.

Senator Zarelli of Ridgefield asks a great question about Algebra II requirement at 57:00 minutes

Teacher and Educator testimony start at 1:00:00
with four minute presentations

1:00 Rosalind O'Donnell, BS in math, 6th grade teacher from Ellensberg on the SRT

1:04:30 Shannon Edwards, BS in Math, teacher from Chief Leschi near Fife on the SRT

1:09 a new Algebra II

1:10 Travis Schuler, Spokane Principal

1:15 Larry Neiland, Marysville Superintendent

1:20 Dr. Elham Kazam, U of W professional expert on Elmentary Math gives an excellent explanation of algorithms in lower grades (Compute sums of two digit numerals). Huge importance of priorities at each grade level.

1:24:45 Bob Brandt co-founder of "Where's the Math?" retired math teacher and retired high tech professional. SBE Math Panelist. Speaks on the current K-12 draft #2 revised standards need for further improvement. Passes out an alternative set of Standards developed by Washington state residents at "Where's the Math?" these stands are titled the Washington Exemplary Math Standards. Senator McAuliffe says that her committee will look at this set of standards also.

1:31 Bob Dean, SBE Math panelist, SRT team, Math department chair at Evergreen High School in Vancouver. The SRT, Standards Revisions Team members, are not representative of the teachers in this state. This group was not capable of significantly changing the direction of the Washington State math direction these are not a change of course.

How can the idea of all students passing algebra II even be considered. Currently only a little over half our high school students can pass the equivalent of a 7th grade math test.

1:35:30 Dr. Helen Burn of Highline Community College, SBE Math Panelist. Transition Math Project member which is trying to revise high school math to better support what is needed at the community college level.

Community Input follows:

1:40:05 Elliot Paull, from "Where's the Math?" take a look at the new k-12 rewrite standards are below the expectations of the NCTM focal points. The Global environment in mathematics does not care about Washington Mathmatics

1:43:00 Polle Zelleweger, Teaches at U of W, has PhD. in Commuter Science and a BS in Math. Explains the "Where's the Math?" produced Washington Exemplary Mathematics Standards 2008

1:46:30 Donna Christensen on Gifted Education and support to accellerate the gifted within this document

1:48:30 Senator McAuliffe - Senate Education is adjourned

In another video you will find class size thoughts at 5:00 minutes

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