Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dr. Rich Semler for Superintendent of Public Instruction

Get ready to pave the way for substantive change.

Get involved in electing Rich Semler click HERE.

In education the Peter Principal has been in full effect for some time.

We are now in a kakistocracy.
That is where those who are least able to govern do so.
End the kakistocracy in Washington education by electing Rich Semler.

Please reverse the decline in Washington schools with a huge move toward increasing the effectiveness of our schools by helping to elect Dr. Richard Semler as Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Dr Bergeson has been in place for 11+ years and is running for a fourth four year term.

Let us elect Dr. Semler in November of 2008.

I first became aware of Rich when he testified at the legislature about a year ago in regard to replacing the WASL with the MAP test.

The MAP takes very little student time, is a computer based branching test, is diagnostic with results immediately available, and is often given three time a year.
The MAP can be used to allow students to see their improvement over time. Even if the MAP is given three times per year, it is cheaper than the WASL and takes less time.

Rich has never run for political office but has extensive experience in education.

I urge you to investigate Dr. Semler and hope you will support his election as Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction in November of 2008.


Anonymous said...

I emailed his campaign and asked if he had worked for or sent money to Republican candidates in the past, and, if yes, to which ones.

I know a lot of decent Dan Evans Republicans who I disagree with, however

these Dan Evans Republicans are not the same as the leaders of a party who are workign 24*7*365 to turn us all into serfs. I know a LOT of people who share some subset of my perspective on the leadership of the Republican Party, so hopefully Mr. Semler doesn't have much history with many of the unsavory aristocrats.

Without that kind of baggage, Mr. Semler would be an easy sell.

anon on 0105

Anonymous said...

If you think Dr. Semler's position on WASL and/or MAP testing has anything to do with Singapore might want to think again. He works for a school district that supports the constructivism approach to mathematics understanding (Thank God!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm Rich's daughter Wendy and I wanted to address the comment wondering about which Republicans he has supported. As a die hard liberal I understand your worries but one of the coolest things about my dad is he votes for candidates that make sense to him personally and doesn't stick to party lines. I keep trying to drag him over to my side but he sticks to his guns and does what he thinks is right. He’s a guy that grew up incredibly poor and understands compassion and hard work. He believes in public education and will make a difference!

Vote Rich Semler!



Anonymous said...

While it seems Dr Semler may be a candidate I might like to consider, I am not very skeptical about the support from Where's the Math, a very devisive, misinformed group. While Where's the Math claims they are interested in rigor in mathematics they have reduced the learning of math at the elementary level to memorizing one set of algorithms, only those algorithms, only thier way. I am concerned that he supports the development of standards by a group that has little credibilty with educators. In fact, their disrespect for educators is appalling. To get my vote Dr. Semler needs to stand independent of one voice as his campaign information indicates. Aligning with Where's the Math will not move him very far. I would like to publish my name but my affiliation in education prohibits my ability to publish openly.

Anonymous said...

As a local Richlander who has worked in the school district where Dr. Semler is, I can attest to his integrity, candor, commonsense and ability to listen. No one wants more or better for kids. He will speak before groups where he is asked, including Republican groups which are interested in his candidacy. He is a fiscal conservative and believes that gov't should be accountable to those whom it purports to serve. He is for accountability and assessment but not via WASL. He would be a great breath of fresh air and openness as the SPI. comments. I wholeheartedly endorse and support him. Nancy A. Smith

Anonymous said...


Dr. Semler will be a refreshing change from the usual 'duckspeak' teachers, parents and WTM have been experiencing from OSPI for the past 30 years.

This is not about standardized math, this is about looking for leadership that is willing to engage the public in healthy, open debate. Bergerson is not only dishonest, she's a dolt.

Dr. Semler will be providing new leadership and I am sure that will be lots of cleaning up that will have to be done, before Washington can even begin to move forward. The only reason Berg would want to stay on would be to keep her dirty laundry safe.

WTM is a parent's organization that has been the only vehicle through which parents have as a political voice against an extremely aggressive group of textbook consultants and sales representatives.

The debate over curriculum and teacher training represents a multibillion dollar industry. The stakes are very high. Thus far, standardized textbooks have been used in classrooms for at least two adoptions. Where's the research that supports these textbooks?

It has been slanted, biased, shoddy research. Testimonials do not count. Your textbooks don't work simply because they are incomprehensible for most adults and children (90%). Where else would you find students attempting to take integrated 1 (CPMP) from 2 to 4 times, hoping to learn algebra, when its not even algebra that they are taking.

And guess what? Student test scores are at all time lows and the public still has little information on exactly how many students are dropping out of high school.

Bergie ensured that the public would know as little as possible. And we have been paying her consultants millions to write standards and more curriculum? This includes her own curriculum she developed with Carkhuff. Lets also not forget Berg's support for charter schools and alternative programs for minorities??!!

Quall and Berg represent a serious breach of public trust. They would have our schools segregated if they could. They represent costly, extremist points of view. They do not represent public schools - I would only hope that Dr. Semler's point of view would be more moderate.

Anonymous said...

The WTM website is hardly misinformed. This has been a propagandist's campaign and the only political group that's taken action against the 'constructivists' has been WTM.

This does not say much for our professional organizations, including unions who had some obligation to protect teachers who are being oppressed by administrators who behave like tyrants (racists!).

In this politicized climate, I would not encourage anyone interested in teaching to start, its simply not worth the frustration.

Nearly 3/4's of teachers who start resign within five years. The leaders doing the oppressing must not feel experience is necessary. At a local high school there are always several opening for math teachers. The students can't stand the academic programs and take their frustration out on the teachers. Three teachers have resigned this year.

This leadership deserves ridicule, they have made people's lives miserable and there is much suffering.

Why has it come to this? Through people's greed, dishonesty, and vanity. Educational research has become an incestuous pool.

This leadership has only succeeded in building prison walls around impoverished communities. Americans don't deserved to be treated so badly. If we had a revolution, we'd certainly be within our rights to reject these insufferable tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Your attempt to be divisive by maintaining WTM attacks teachers and this is dead wrong. While I might disagree with some members of WTM regarding curriculum, it is important that curriculum writers listen to what children and teachers want. Teachers have more to fear from math 'leaders', who serve as propagandists and 'thought police' to monitor teacher discontent.

In fact the use of a constructivist lesson plan is a euphemism for getting rid of nonconforming teachers who might question the wisdom of principals.

This is a very dangerous precedent, since putting principals 'in charge' of curriculum leads to all sorts of personal abuses. Title I coordinators are always the first teachers to leave school sites.

To date researchers have not been open or honest with providing accurate information regarding research that supports standardized textbooks.

What are the standards the NSF uses to verify the information they are supporting is correct?

NSF is a bureaucracy - nothing more. And so far it has lived up to its reputation as a racialist institution - eternally coined 'Science Lazaronni' for its impotent policies regarding slavery during and after the Civil War.

That has been the most damning criticism and yet nothing has been provided as evidence to show these 'new' teaching methods are effective or even that your use of terms like 'constructivism' are in fact correct terminology. The people running the constructivist propaganda machine don't have a clue on how make kids successful in school. But they'll never stop talking about 'success for all'. Where's the proof?