Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another School Board decides for Everyday Math and claims to be rational

Anyone who has looked at a Singapore Math Book would see that it is in no way drill and kill. Certainly many supposed experts have not looked at the Singapore Math materials but seem to know all about it. This firm position is based on very little knowledge of Singapore Math and usually a total lack of experience with it.

The reason that this opinion seems so pervasive among the experts can be found by following the money. Research Universities like the U of W really like those NSF grants. There is a lot of money to be had in support of these nonsense curricula. I call them nonsense as they fail to produce substantive improvements. When improvements are attributed to the curricula look at all the other factors before concluding the curriculum did it.

As a matter of fact on You Tube, I watched a video of a school board meeting where the "rational" director speaking about his EM adoption decision said that Singapore Math would need drill supplementation because it does not use enough drill. He chose to overlook Extra practice and Intensive Practice books at each grade level.
He mentions them but obviously these don't count.

He clearly makes known that drill outside the classroom is used in Singapore but is against this in the USA.

"...And with the discount the district will be receiving we can afford this proven curriculum, I will be voting yes on Everyday Math".

School Board response to suggestion to dump Everyday Math

If you look at this, you will note the reference to articles and anecdotes. Never is there any actual relevant data presented.

From another US parent is the best this guy can come up with...

Another member of the least qualified to rule Speaks or rather issues a proclamation.

In the Spring of 2007, Seattle, Bethel, and Issaquah all made primary adoptions of Everyday Math. Dr Terry Bergeson is now attempting to tilt the rewriting of the new math standards so the defective apple cart she has manufactured over the last decade can keep rolling along. PISA results 2003 and 2006: USA worst in the English speaking world in Math and apparently proud of it.

Visit School Truth for further information accumulated during 2006 and 2007.


Anonymous said...

Its important Seattle knows Texas dumped Everyday math curriculum as of November 2007. I wonder what Daro and Treisman have to say about that?

Anonymous said...

YES more ever day math just algebra, geometry everyday math stinks