Monday, July 27, 2015

Parents want to know grades their schools got - says Washington Policy Center

The Washington Policy Center on July 25, 2015 proclaimed THIS.

A quick look at the chart provided by WPC shows a bell shaped distribution of schools and assigned ratings.  Note the "Letter Grades" are from the policy center.  The state provides descriptions.

The descriptions give a parent very little information.  The WPC's grades are deceptive.
Look at the WPC labeled " F- " schools.  A quick look at the schools in the lowest 5% of the state's schools shows high student poverty and many other factors that produce educationally disadvantaged students.  This can hardly be remedied by school choice.

Yet WPC faults the schools and suggests school choice is a solution.

The WPC needs to be demanding an abandonment of one-size-fits-all educational requirements.

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