Monday, July 27, 2015

Career and College Ready for All ???? No WAY

Washington State ACT results for Career and College Readiness

In 2014 14,667 Washington State HS Graduates took the ACT test.  This was approximately 22% of the graduates in Washington State.

The following percents of this group met the ACT benchmarks in each area.

English 74%
Reading 58%
Math 62%
Science 52%
All Four 41%  <= These students are really College Ready.

What about the other students in this 14,667 group of graduates that decided to take the ACT?

The following percent of students missed the benchmark score by 3 or more points in each area.

English 19%
Reading 30%
Math 31%
Science 35%

It is really time to put in place graduation requirements that realistically deal with reality.

Career or College ready ==>

General Diploma

Academic Diploma - current requirements

Advanced Academic Diploma => 3.0+ GPA and meet all 4 ACT benchmarks .. 4 credits of English and Math credits through Pre-Calculus etc.

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