Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tour : Scott Oki take "Outrageous Learning" to the public


Anonymous said...

OSPI Myth 1: Washington's standards are the toughest in the US - that's why so many schools don't meet NCLB guidelines. (Isn't the WASL aligned to Washington's 7th grade math standard anyway?)

Washington's standards are among the lowest. US students score even lower in math when compared to schools with the PISA.

Kripes I have 12th graders that have to be taught fractions.

Myth 2 Adopting National Standards will raise student achievement.

OSPI is a cat eating its own tail. The state math standards for each state were originally based on the NCTM framework (national standard).

In fact, the very same pork barrel organizations (eg. Achieve) that have been railroading education policy for the past 15 years are behind the new call for national standards.

Obama you picked a three legged mule for a racehorse.

NCLB is a slap in the face - but who's doing the abuse.

Anonymous said...

Myth 3 - This is not a disaster and its going to get better.

Social trends last for decades - you cannot run a school like a business or a widget.

I can take being a teacher, but its my students that thoroughly dislike school and I can't blame them.