Tuesday, August 25, 2009

League of Voters: Math Science update

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Anonymous said...

Holt will not work - not even the extended 2 year algebra version (traditional primer format).

Teachers are working with illiterate young people. Reform math is no better. Ignorance is an ornament of the young and a disgrace of the old.

The entire classroom model has to be turned on its head to accommodate students who think school is purposeless and a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Here is what works for my classroom and I'm bringing teenagers up from near zero on the WASL. Its a mixed classroom with about 35 youngsters (14-18). For one I have to use an amplifier with a microphone to get their attention and if I have students present. Its as close to a self-run class as I dare go.

They're in groups of 4-6. I have a projector and a camera in the middle of the room, so I can project work onto a screen from a computer or with a camera. We have 1-2 textbooks per group and I usually collect only the best work from each group (imagine correcting 48 pieces of work, instead of 200 or so. We also do more in-class grading and I select a ta in my class, usually an underperforming kids who's taking the class over or trying to make a credit.

We use Structured English Immersion strategies and we build study aids and books that get passed down to the next classrooms.

I use Marcy Cook to teach my math classes and we use a regular earth science book in the science classes. Most of my students are Pacific Islander or Latinos.

The particular school where I'm at is mostly (90% minorities) Even if you're white, most everyone says they are Mexican or Native American (I am part).

This would be considered a fairly 'tough' school by Washington standards, but we're meeting all of our AYP goals, with the exception of one, which is partially why I was hired (teaching far below basic Latinos). In one year, I was responsible for raising this groups test scores from near zero to almost basic. Kids think plenty when they're in class. It might not be what you, the teacher wants, but they think.

The reformers are cursed - 'Ire vescere bracis meis impudus es leno.'

'Avarus animus nullo satiatur lucro.' - A greedy mind is satisfied with no gain.

Anonymous said...

I don't work for pimps either.