Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some districts figure it out but not Seattle

In looking at the percentage of students scoring at Level 1 (the clueless level) from 2006 to 2009 WASL math at grade 4 got worse for both Seattle and the State.
Seattle increased math time to 75 minutes per day for both 2007-2008 and 2008-2009.
Let us compare Seattle growth in level 1 scores with the State.

White = 1.6%
Low Income = 5.2%
Limited English = 5.6%
Black = 8.9%
Hispanic = 10.4%

White = 3.6%
Low Income = 5.6%
Limited English = 12.3%
Black = 6.3%
Hispanic = 6.2%
No surprise that the State scores are getting worse. WA districts are using about 1/3 Everyday Math, 1/3 Terc/Investigations, and overall about 95% of schools are using reform math programs in k-5. The Good News is after a decade of failure many districts like Clover Park want out and have adopted non-reform materials for this year.

The bad news is Seattle just keeps of believing that there is no need to change.
The School Board voted another $400,000 plus into Everyday Math this spring.
Seattle continues to under serve Black and Hispanic Students with ineffective math programs and practices. Instructional materials choices neglect those struggling to learn mathematics.
The Central Administration is intent on continuing the EDM debacle and the Board approves. It is time for a public meeting to discuss this.


Anonymous said...

You are too kind...school board elite are butchers, compared to other districts, but that's not enough. "I'd rather be ruled by Cretans, always liars, than by those who make others live out their lies." - Stultior asinos.

Anonymous said...

At least OSPI will have some practical experience before they take over SPS. Better raise those AYP scores so the school board can be accountable. Right.

Anonymous said...

All for naught - you should do a piece on the Horne v. Flores federal ruling. OSPI's 'adequacy' suit against itself is about to be overruled. I object your honor, we spent millions only to have our lawsuit thrown out of court.