Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tacoma School District Sued by former chief Milligan

Tacoma school district sued by former chief Milligan

For want of about $40,000, Charlie Milligan is suing the Tacoma School District. The former schools chief, who left town a year ago with a cash-and-benefits settlement worth about $418,000, says the district still owes him money.

Milligan was a Saxon advocate it will be interesting to see whether Milligan or the district got the Math right on this one. + or - $40,000 does not sound like a rounding error; must be a problem about deep conceptual (or is that contractual) understanding.

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Anonymous said...

Deep contractual understanding sounds more like it.

If Charlie wins this it could open the door for a larger lawsuit. Charlie's buyout settlement was to prevent litigation. If this settlement agreement is breached it may open the door for Charlie to be able to sue the District. Has the District breached the settlement agreement?