Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My "To Do List for March 1, 2011"
at Secretary of State's Office
#1 Filing Recall of SPI Randy Dorn
#2 Filing Recall of Rep. Santos

Dan Dempsey's March 1, 2011 to do list:

#1 Filing Recall for SPI Randy Dorn

#2 Filing Recall for Rep. Sharon Tamiko Santos

Why can't elected officials follow the law?

A bunch of house cleaning needs to be done.

For that matter why can't Maria Goodloe-Johnson follow the law?

Oh right .... because the elected Seattle School Directors do not require her to do so.

UPDATE I did make the filing for the Recall of MR. DORN at the Secretary of State's office on March 1.

I need to take the Santos recall to King County and have just revised that document.

Heading up to Seattle for the WED. NIGHT huge School Board Meeting.

The SPS may need to use the huge screen in Seahawk's Quest Field for The Crowd Overflow.

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