Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Revised Filing for the Recall of Rep. Sharon Tamiko Santos

Likely to be filed on Friday. March 4, 2011


kprugman said...

So the Queen has no clothes! Glad to see your voice is having a positive impact on education. We're all with you on this one. Now if the board would all just resign, we'd be one step closer to finding out what reform has actually done to education. I heard some of the Board decided to have cocktail hour before the 6 o'clock meeting. I don't blame them.

kprugman said...

If Santo can't read the statute according to her: She won't know if she signed her name truthfully."

I would recall her on that statement alone. What sort of cocktail was she smoking?

dan dempsey said...

We still have not filed for Santos recall. Busy with Dorn and the Gov.