Wednesday, December 15, 2010

State Steals $208 million from local districts

From the Tacoma News Tribune comes ......

State snags money meant for school jobs

Congress threw school districts a lifeline. State government yanked it away.

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Sen. Debbie Regala, D-Tacoma, who backed the deal, said schools would have to live without the windfall they had until recently thought was in hand.

The reality of the world today is, things change – that what was true last week may not be able to stand up today,” Regala said. She added that in trying economic times, “Lots of families certainly know that.

This was an interesting comment about "things change and what was true last week may not be true this week." This shows the planning and forethought of several legislators I guess or how they attempt to fool us.

I thought it was well known that finances were in a sorry condition at the time this vote for our $208 million. Do the legislators think that the public is so ignorant as not to be aware that in big down turns the effect on government revenues lags the overall economy by 18 months or more?

n0t_thatgirl is "spot on" in her analysis of this theft.

A number of school districts were counting on those funds.

Republics are characterized by a respect for laws and lawful actions. Welcome to the "State of Washington, an Oligarchy not a Republic.”

We’re pretty certain that this is allowable use,” House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan said of the transfer.


“Lots of families certainly know that.….” in times like these, local decision making maybe crushed by those in more powerful positions.

Two questions:
#1 Is the legislature planning on accepting or rejecting ESSB 6696 in January?

Acceptance means large financial obligations as acceptance of the Common Core Standards will commit WA State to large expenditures with the Dumping of the New 2008 State math standards and adoption of Big Brother's plans for us. The CCSS were largely funded by the Gates Foundation and other oligarchs with big plans for their minions. Race to the Top, was the extortion attempt to get states to sell the souls of their children. So NOW is the legislature stealing $208 million to fund grandiose plans beyond the control of local school boards and even state officials?

#2 What is happening with CORE 24?

The State Board of Education's pet project should be suspended for at least two years if not five years.

In a time of austerity is it advisable to increase graduation requirements to 24 credits when currently only about 70% of Washington students graduate from high schools requiring minimums of 19 to 22 credits? Clearly the state needs to fund effective interventions for struggling learners rather than producing more mandates. The SBE has no real need to expand its turf. There are many students today who graduate with more than 24 credits. In fact with running start some graduate from high school and receive an AA degree at the same time.

This does not seem to be a wise expenditure of funds when k-8 interventions, remediations, and accelerations, are far more pressing needs.

It is time to talk about where education funds are going and where they are not going.

Local districts need the money that had already been promised to them. Students need assistance and local school districts need the money to assist the students.

It looks like more mandates from others far distant from the children will be forced upon the locals and funded with the $208 million intended for them.

CORE 24 and ESSB 6696 funding will keep those employed, who prefer to pontificate about education while remaining removed from the real classroom work of educating children. That $208 million is needed at the school district level. It was intended to help students not keep bureaucrats employed.


Anonymous said...

Grafters fighting over a pot of honey. Throw them all into the pond and watch them sink to the bottom from all the wealth stolen from reforming education.

Anonymous said...

The new, honest gospel in politics is private graft.

Anonymous said...

The new, honest gospel in politics is private graft.

Anonymous said...

Everyday Math is a textbook written by idiots, taught by idiots, that produces idiots. If Bill Gates won't use it to teach his kids, then why should we?

Anonymous said...

How does a grafting sob receive their dessert? By sitting on the Board of a local charity and skimming off the top. That's where we found our Superintendent, and the past superintendent, and the Headhunter, and the School board and the local bankers. Here's another nasty accounting trick - return all the unused Title I funds to the Superintendent's own slush fund before the end of the school year. Then he can entertain his business friends and the school board with the unspent money. Why not have a bar fund? That's been done too. Or hire a known ex-bookie turned caterer to host the ASB monthly leadership meetings. In education anything goes. In our district all the high schools are required to give the district 5% of their ASB profits back to the school board which incidently has an accountant separate from the district. The practice is known as skimming, but the board members are ignorant of that fact. We voted for them, so we are to blame.

Anonymous said...

The UW School of Educational Leadership are bullish about education. Its easier to steal from school districts then shareholders. Oversight is practically none at all.

Anonymous said...

Water trickles down, we were misled into thinking that money trickles down too when in fact it flows upward - graft defies gravity.