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Seattle Schools Urban Outlaw Behavior
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A few thousand letters or more are apparently needed to get this school board to possibly act on criminal wrong doing.

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Urban Outlaw Behavior

Dan writes:

Anderson memo-gate forgery is just another example of SPS business as usual. The fact that this included written evidence of forgery, is just another thing for the Board to ignore.

MGJ was simply too busy to actually read the memo she referenced in regard to an $800,000 contract approval. Besides it was all CAO Enfield's fault for she was the lead person on the 3-12-2010 Forged action report and she sent the memo to the Board on 2-2-2010 not 1-29-2010 as claimed. Apparently MGJ did not read the memo, which was critical of her proposal, but she did submit the bogus action report and claimed to have used the memo in constructing it. It seems that CAO Enfield is responsible for submitting the bogus memo in place of the real one to the court. The Superintendent is the secretary of the Seattle School Board, so it was likely her responsibility to submit the actual memo referenced.

Keep in mind the Board was too busy on 2-3-2010 to read the $800,000 NTN contract, which was a mismatch with School Board action report. This mismatch of contract and action report was not a major concern until the appeal of the contract approval by Anderson et al. on 3-5-2010. The appeal initiated the NTN do over complete with forged action report of 3-12-2010 and a new contract that correctly aligned with action report as well as to what the public had been previously told over three months. Approval took place on 4-7-2010 same four (2007) directors voting for in a 4-3 approval.

The 2-2-2010 action report used on 2-3-2010 was filled with incorrect data. "Four (2007) Board" members ignored extensive correct valid data submitted to them by the public in order to approve the contract they had not read.

Joan Sias wrote:

I think that the board should get a letter, explaining that MGJ, despite her Ph.D., cannot be trusted to present the most relevant, reliable research, and to present valid assessments of that research. She cannot be trusted to not cherry pick research results.

{[ The problem with that is over half of the Board members are cherry-pickers, who deceive the public by omitting various facts to make unjustified "Official Board" decisions. New Board President, Steve Sundquist, is perhaps the most flagrant example of such misbehavior.

On the other hand at least "writing to the Board" will produce one more document showing the Board refuses to do the job they were elected to do, which includes supervising only one employee Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson. ]}

Her citing of this biased Pearson review of a weak study is evidence of either incompetence or intellectual dishonesty.

{[ Normal MGJ practice ]}

We are not able to know whether she is dishonest or incompetent. In either case, this behavior causes serious harm to children, and should be grounds for dismissal. How can the Board know, in general, when this woman's advice to the Board is valid and trustworthy?

[{ By fact checking her proposals and reading the evidence submitted by the public, which they prefer not to do or heed. }]

It seems quite apparent that four Directors elected in 2007, who began service in November 2007, do not care about whether MGJ's advice to the Board is valid and/or trustworthy. They participated in bolstering many of her misleading statements and often approved proposals based on a collection of misleading statements both oral and written.


It is very apparent that a few letters are ignored by the Superintendent and the Board.

I urge you to write

the Superintendent asking her to resign

and I urge you to write to

the Seattle School Directors demanding they fire the Superintendent with cause

for numerous violations of State Laws.

Here are the email addresses:

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