Friday, March 7, 2008


Time to attach numbers to state’s math problem
Published: March 7th, 2008 01:00 AM

Washington’s community colleges have long complained about the large numbers of incoming students who need remedial math instruction. But when University of Washington professors join the chorus, you know our math problem has reached epidemic proportions.

A group of 60 math, science and engineering professors recently issued an open letter warning that a growing number of UW freshman can’t do even middle-school math.

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Anonymous said...

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Who's students called him an ass.
They attempted to gag him,
When old Oracle shouts to them.
That my ass, you young louts,
Maybe next time I talk, you will listen.

Anonymous said...

Fm: UW Ed Department
To: All Universes

Re: Proof for Evolution

There once was a Hippus named Oracle.
Who asked herself who art most beautiful?
"By your math books, I believe it is Socrates."
"Eureka!", she says
"In five thousand years, all my students will be looking like Monkeys."

Anonymous said...

Good news - I just found a website that links TI to one of the first standardized textbooks. I read about these two years ago, but they happen to both be from OSU - remember the evaluation team in Dallas.

^3 evidently started right here in Columbus about fifteen years ago; its founders, Demana and Waits (”Frank and Bert” to the old hands), were professors of mathematics at the Ohio State University (both have retired since then). Their names have been familiar to me since I turned pro in ‘92: their introductory algebra text of that year was among the first to make extensive use of graphers and became something of a standard (though it pleases me to report that it’s not used at the OSU itself . . .).

...The keynote speaker more or less deliberately: John Glenn, former astronaut and U.S. Senator, currently a figurehead for something called the Glenn Commission (more formally, the “National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching in the 21st Century

John Glenn, Alan Shepard. and Pinky Nelson (Former AAAS Director).....

Anonymous said...

Marketing calculators with textbooks - thats Demana and Waits and Texas Instruments.

State Science and Technology Institute
John Engler, Gov. Michigan
Michael Dukakis, Gov. Mass
Michael Cassidy

Of which Washington Technology Center is a member.