Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good News --Questions now allowed for SPS

GREAT NEWS the district that never answers much about anything important when asked, now has a way to submit math adoption questions on the SPS Website.

Hey maybe they will even answer some of the questions. There is always a first time. After 14 months of testimony one answer would be a start.

Click HERE to go there.

You will find the Click here at the bottom of the page on the next to last line.
This will then bring up the form to submit questions or comments.

Dear Directors,

Now what??

I sent the following questions in via the Math Adoption web-page to the SPS math gurus.

So this is what I sent:

How can you say that Singapore is a supplement when at Broadview Thompson and many other schools the extra practice books are unused and still in boxes?

Please describe in detail when this Singapore supplementation began. Some elementary teachers are unaware that these books are in the buildings.

The SPS did not purchase either the 2 textbooks or the 2 workbooks at each grade level, how exactly are the teachers supplementing from the extra practice book?

Now that the National Math Report is available and it clearly advises avoiding Everyday Math, what are the plans for k-5?

Now that the National Math Panel has a clear focus on Authentic Algebra; what is the district's math plan? The SPS put a system in place without a focus on Authentic Algebra --> EM, CMP2, IMP or Core-Plus are 180 degrees opposite the NAMP recommendations.

Now What?

Current List prices for Singapore Grade 3 materials

Textbooks: new California Standards edition.
3A $13.30
3B $13.30

Workbooks: new California Standards edition.
3A $10.40
3B $10.40

Extra Practice-
$7.80 for US 3rd Edition (which Seattle Purchased)
$12.00 for new California Standards edition

Challenging word problems grade 3-
$8.20 US 3rd Edition

Why did I see so few SPS elementary teachers at the Singapore training at Broadview-Thompson last Saturday? Three excellent instructors from Arizona were there. Guess the SPS central leadership has little interest in Singapore Math.

More info and prices at:


After ten years of continuing Achievement Gap growth in math in the SPS think about this:

"The education profession has never been particularly interested in results, especially if they run counter to the prejudices of the profession." says Mr. Carnine, who was involved with Project Follow Through when his university served as one of its sponsors.

Are you directors going to do something about this clear disinterest in results?

There has been no data driving many decisions. The last two math adoptions are excellent examples of intellectual fraud as was the West Seattle six period day mandate.

When is this holding people accountable going to begin?


Dan Dempsey

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