Saturday, August 15, 2015

Common Core Testing takes a Beating at NY Times

The NY Times in an editorial criticized the Opt-Out resistance movement =>

Opting Out of Standardized Tests Isn’t the Answer

In 24 hours this generated 600 responses that were overwhelmingly in opposition to the editorial's position.  Read the editorial and then some of the comments.

sample: Apparently the editorial board of the NYT can't hear the music even when it's blaring in their collective ears. A lot of people are disgusted by the so-called efforts to "reform" education, since much of the impetus comes from corporate interest whose primary goals include the destruction of democratic free education for all. You'd have to be deaf and blind to miss why informed, intelligent adults don't want to hand education over to the publishing and testing giants, the hedge-fund managers, and others whose goals are at odds with many of the most basic tenets of American democracy. Chiding parents for a freely-chosen, meaningful protest against testing madness and the corporate scheming behind it bespeaks a deep failure to grasp the point of education: it isn't to provide data and capital for corporations.

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