Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is it Fraud in the Seattle Schools?

It appears that the only way to get any action on School District Fraud is to file a complaint with the Seattle Police.

The Attorney General will only act on referrals from County Prosecutors or the State Auditor's Office. The Auditor's Office will only make a referral based on an official Audit Finding. The Prosecutor's Office will only act on Police complaints.

So the fraudulent actions by the Superintendent in the illegal award of an $800,000 no bid contract will get no immediate attention unless the Seattle Police decide to act. For that the happen the Seattle Police must accept a complaint.

That will be this week's project, to submit a fraud complaint regarding Dr. Goodloe-Johnson's actions to the Seattle Police.

Here are a few RCWs dealing with Fraud and Forgery.

The Attorney General has a consumer protection division that acts on Fraud but it appears that this is fraud committed by businesses.

I guess that government agencies have carte blanche to defraud the public as far as the AG's office is concerned; unless the Seattle Police accepts a complaint and refers it to the Prosecutor's office, who in turn refers it to the Office of the State Attorney General.

More later.

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