Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Common Core .... (Gates Standards)
.. Internationally competitive?
How the packing of committees was done and lots more.

An interesting revelation from interesting folks.

National standards →
National tests →
National curriculum →
Teachers’ salaries tied to students’ test scores →
Teachers teaching to the test each and every day →
National indoctrination of our public school children →
National database ..... ... Believe it or don't.

A 45 minute roundtable discussion

In this roundtable discussion, you will hear explanations from:

Professor Jim Milgram (mathematics content specialist, Stanford University)

Professor Sandra Stotsky (English / Language Arts content specialist, University of Arkansas and a National Math Advisory Panelist)

Betty Peters (member of Alabama State Board of Education)

Peyton Wolcott (investigative journalist in Texas,

Beth Schultz (math educator, parent activist in Maine)

Diana Crews (Alabama radio host of City on a Hill, )

Donna Garner (activist and retired Texas teacher)

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